2012 Dodge Charger Vinyl Wrap

Lets face it, a car with a matte finish can look pretty darn cool. Matte finishes can add a certain element of aggressiveness to a vehicle’s appearance that will definitely turn peoples’ heads. However, applying a matte paint job to your vehicle can be expensive, difficult to maintain properly, and can possibly harm your vehicle’s overall resell value.

A good client and friend of mine was recently faced with this dilemma when he purchased a 2012 Dodge Charger. He wanted the aggressive styling that a matte finish provides without the maintenance hassles or the damage to his car’s resell value. After going over a few options, we decided that the best solution for his situation would be to vinyl wrap his car using a matte film. He even decided to be a good friend and volunteered to help with the install!

We started out by prepping the car and making sure the surface was free of any debris or wax to ensure the strongest adhesion possible between the paint and the film. Then we started cutting the pieces of film and applying them to the car.

We did the hood first.

The films starts out in a 60″ wide roll and is applied to the vehicle in bulk. After the film was applied, we went back and trimmed and wrapped the edges around each panel to avoid unnecessary seams in the film. The owner decided not to worry about dropping the bumpers or pulling trim pieces to save on time (this allows for maximum seamlessness during a film install), but we still managed to hide a majority of the seams inside the car’s body lines, drastically cutting down on their visibility.

After we were satisfied with the hood, we moved on to the roof of the car, repeating the process we used on the hood there.

Then we moved on to the trunk area.

This picture shows the wrap starting to take shape. Everything on the driver’s side is completed except for the back door.

In this picture, we’ve worked our way around and have the majority of the passenger’s side finished up. Finally in the home stretch.

We finished things up many, many man hours later. However, the car still needed a good bath, as well as some protection to make the car look its best. We were also waiting on a couple after market parts to come in, so we decided to wait a couple days and finish everything up at once.

Fast forward a couple days, and my client and I decided to finish everything up at my house one evening after he got off work. We washed the car and applied a European nano sealant to the vinyl in order to protect the vinyl without altering its look.

Here’s a shot of the final product. We decided to leave the grill and side mirrors unwrapped to add a little pop of gloss to complement the sheen of the wrap. Notice the new lip on the front bumper. I think it’s a nice touch.

I’ll leave you with a glam shot the owner snapped and sent to me:

If you’re interested in having your car vinyl wrapped or just having some custom graphics applied, contact us today!