I recently received a call from a good client of mine about working on his newly acquired 1954 MG TF.

The TF was a rather interesting car. Produced from 1953-1955, they were MG’s attempt at making a car that could compete with the more powerful cars that other manufacturers were unveiling in the 50’s. However, the TF was still based on an upgraded version of a platform that dated back to World War II. Production of the TF ceased in ’55 in favor of the MGA. This short production run makes the TF somewhat of a rare care.

After speaking with my client, I quickly agreed to work on the car, loaded up my equipment, and headed over to his shop to begin working it.

Initial inspection of the car showed that the paint was in poor condition. The single-stage paint (meaning that the paint had no clear coat) had faded slightly and wasn’t the bright red I knew it could be. On top of that, the paint was heavily marred with swirl marks and surface scratches, so the paint wasn’t reflecting as sharply as it should be. After discussing a few options with the owner, we decided to go with the Level 3 Exterior package. So, after properly prepping it, I began the multi-step polishing process that would restore clarity and shine to the paint.

Before correction:

After correction:

Here’s a “during” shot showing the lower half corrected, and the upper half not:

These two pictures show the drastic difference between the condition of the paint before I started polishing it and then after polishing:

One more shot showing side-by-side the difference that paint correction can make:

After the paint had been restored it was time to knock out the other details. The wheels on this particular vehicle were also in poor condition. They were greatly lacking in clarity and reflectivity, and the back sides of them were covered in baked on grease.

To rectify this, the wheels were removed for thorough cleaning. Several other pieces were removed as well to allow for proper polishing and cleaning.

I then began the slow process of properly cleaning the wheels. All four wheels were cleaned one spoke at a time and then polished by hand to obtain maximum reflectivity.


After the final polishing had been completed and the wheels were mounted back on the car, the paint was hand waxed using a premium carnauba based wax.

Carnauba wax is highly hydrophobic and repels water very well.

This project took several days to complete, but the end result was well worth it. Now the owner has a shining example of a great piece of history.

If you think your car could benefit from a Level 3 Exterior package, contact us today! We’d be more than happy to talk to you about setting up a free consultation.